Top 10 items when RVing with dogs

So I did a vlog about this but I figured I would also do a handy list for you guys!

1. Fence
First and foremost, a fence is a much nicer option than tie out stakes & long lines. Especially if you have two or more puppers! They get tangled, they tangle, you, they may lunge at people. For us, especially where Roxy is super old, I don’t want to risk her getting hurt. Also she needs a pee at like 8am (I know, midday for most of you!) but for me that early, so this way I can just open the door, whilst standing half naked to the side, and then once she is done I can go back to bed!
You can purchase the fence we use here:

2. Travel bowls
I guess this is more for hiking with your dogs, but it is also handy to have in the car when you are moving from place to place!

You can buy a pop up bowl here –

3. Poo bags
Some campsites have poop bags and trash stations! But not many! So take poop bags to be on the safe side, and preferably biodegradable ones so you are contributing to less plastic!
You can buy biodegradable poop bags here –

4. Deodorizer / Carpet cleaner 
I am sure, like our pups, your dogs might have an accident sooner or later! So always have this to hand as well as a cleaning agent. Makes the camper smell nice and fresh!
You can buy the deodorizers here –


5. Bones / Chews / Kong’s 
Some days you are busy exploring, others it is raining. So always be prepared to keep your dogs entertained! We use Kongs (pictured) below, filled with whatever we have to hand. We also buy raw marrow bones and various chews for those days we cannot give the pups a decent walk.
Kongs can be purchased here –

6. Dog Towels
Ok, these are a little bit fancy. But this is more of a reminder to bring some!! Or you will regret it the first time it rains or after a trip to the beach.
Fancy dog towels –

7. Beds 
So I made the mistake of bringing big bulky beds on this trip. Don’t do that! For the most part the little one sleeps on the couch, But for the big one a cooling mat or crate mat is better because you can wash them easier and fold them away when you are moving to a new site.
Cooling mats here –

8. Food
I am not a fan of lugging heavy bags of kibble around, also they take up way too much space. So we feed a dehydrated raw. Which a 10lb box makes up to 40lbs of feed! easier to store, and lighter in the camper.
Honest kitchen different recipes here –

9. Long line vs Flexi 
For the trips out and about the campsite, or the beach, if your pup cant be offleash these are a great alternative. I would take the long line over a flexi, but if your dog is well mannered and listens to you, there is no reason you cannot use a flexi responsibly. I’ve had rope burns off both, so if he is going to charge around like a fruitloop you are probably best off just teaching him a solid recall!

Long line here –


10. Grooming tools (nails, brush, first aid kit) 
Doesn’t matter if you are going for a week or a year, always bring these! You may need to brush out a mat –
Or clip away a part broken nail
Or have an accident whilst out and about (or even inside the camper)

Bonus – harness & running belt 
Bonus items, if you enjoy exercise, why not bring the dog along! We use this running belt for Jax and below is the harness I will be buying in the future. It is built for dogs to pull and distributes the weight evenly. Doesn’t rub on their legs or restrict movement!

Bonus – toy box
Don’t forget to bring lots of toys on your trip! Or at least your dogs favourite ones so it feels a little bit like “Home” for them. We bring a selection and I am glad we did because some evening Jax gets silly and this is a good way to burn off energy.
Cute toy box here –


Full length video here:


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog! I hope it jogged your memory some and was useful. You can see an extensive list of all the things we buy and own for our dogs here:

And If you would like to show some support for our channel you can donate here:

And all the other links to our channels are here:


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