Stone Creek RV Park, Schertz, Texas



The local area is really nice for a change. This was a complete guess from me as to where to stay near San Antonio but fortunately, it is local to everything we want to do here!

We were allocated site 11. However oddly there was someone already there. So they put us in 12 which was probably better as it’s on the end so only one neighbour. However behind us is two 5th wheels with a ton of kids who were up till midnight on the first night. When I let the dogs out for a last pee break one of the teens was peeing on his truck wheel.

Don’t get me wrong I get that out in the country, I’ve peed outside on the farm… However on a busy campsite? Not sure thats the best place to do it.

The dog parks are AMAZING!! Two fields. one for small/old dogs and the other for the large youngsters. Both have agility playsets in them. However their sign says do not play on the equipment? so a bit confused about that?

The people were very friendly and the site was clean. You have to take your own trash out. and you CAN have a fence up!! yay!!

There are a lot of laundry facilities and two large restrooms with showers. Internet was not great we were getting around 5mb and 2mb down. But it was useable.

The ladies in the reception were lovely and very helpful, we had a few packages delivered whilst we were there and they recognised me and always knew when my package was. Even on the last day they didn’t turf us out (like Beaumont did!) She even told us to take our time and there would be space for us if the next park was closed (thanks Coronavirus)

I really liked this campsite & will miss it. But onwards and upwards !(literally!)

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