Contraception whilst full time RVing

Well firstly let me just say… what a disaster this has been from start to finish! I am currently still sat in the pharmacy typing this because I will probably be sat here for three days.

But let me tell you my story.

2 weeks before we were due to leave on our 6 month tour of the USA from Virginia to Texas and back, my Depo was due. For those of you who don’t know, Depo provera is a contraceptive injection that contains the hormone progestin. Depo-Provera is given as an injection every three months. So I asked my doctor what will I do in 3 months how will I refill my prescription he shrugged and said he wouldn’t refill it anyway until I had my medical. So I asked him, ok please go ahead and do my medical. Only to be told the medical wait list was 2 months! Well that’s no use to me, I’ll be in Texas by then!

So then he said maybe a walk in clinic would do it. I thought, yep good idea and we set on our way, knowing I had until February to work it out. A few weeks before my Depo is due we were In Bay St. Louis, mississippi. I searched for a local doctor, found one in Diamondhead and took a trip out. He quickly told me they couldn’t do the injection or prescribe it but walk in clinic Round the corner probably would. Ok, drop onto the urgent care Round the corner. Where the woman on the desk stared at me blankly. Nope couldn’t help me.


Then I remembered I had seen an advert on Facebook for contraception mailed to your door! Great! So I signed up with told them my situation and where to post the medication. Only to told My insurance wouldn’t cover it because they are out of network. However they did say they could send the prescription to a local pharmacy! Ah ha, perfect: there is a Walgreens round the corner, mail it there!

I called Walgreens but unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock; but they said they would get it tomorrow. Great news!

The next day they called and said my insurance had put a 90 day wait period on the refill. Doh! so I called My insurance. They informed me Walgreens is not in their network ! Ffs so they told me Walmart and CVS were. Ok great: I go back to Nurx and ask them to send the prescription to Walmart. 3 days later they respond! By this point we are moving to Louisiana, New Iberia to be exact. So I tell them not to send it to waveland but to new Iberia instead. They agreed, but “just Incase we had time” they sent the prescription to both Walmarts.

Monday morning (we had moved) I headed to the local Walmart in Louisiana and asked if my prescription had been filled. To my excitement it had! But they asked for $210.

Err no

Nope, I have insurance it should be free! They ran it again. Nope $210. Sigh. So I called my insurance back to ask what was going on. “we filled and paid 100% of your prescription yesterday”

Yesterday? Oh bugger they must have sent it to the other Walmart. Ok no worries this Walmart pharmacy called the old Walmart and asked for them to cancel the order. Which they did. Nope still not working. We call the insurance back. I say we because Gail; the pharmacy tech was speaking to my insurance on my cell at this point trying to figure out what was going on. So apparently the prescription had been filled in Leesburg, Virginia. Doh! They must have done that automatically. Which is odd because my doctor said no more refills until my physical?

Never the less Gail (Walmart pharm tech) calls CVS Leesburg and asks them to cancel my order. They agree. Hurrah! Now to just fill it here and be on my merry way right?


Ok so now they try again & still coming up $210. It seems Nurx prescription is for Depo name brand and my insurance will only cover generic brand. In desperation I called my doctors in Virginia to plead with them to send the prescription to Louisiana. Fortunately; when I asked them to do that they simply replied that CVS could transfer it to Walmart. They didn’t mention the fact I was even meant to have any refills. Tee hee. So I ran back over to Walmart pharmacy and told them they could get the generic version from the prescription in CVS Leesburg! And sure enough 20 minutes later CVS faxed over my refill and Walmart could process it!

So I emailed Nurx to tell them their prescription was unfortunately no good for my insurance and to go ahead and cancel my “membership” with them. So I’m only $15 out of pocket. Walmart told me I actually have 2 refills left! So I’m good for 9 more months. After that; who knows, luckily our trip is only 6 months so I will be able to get my physical and start the process again. But for people who full time RV. I am not sure? I guess they would be forced to stay in one place long enough to register at a local doctor; have a physical and get a long supply of contraception. It’s not easy and this whole process has been very stressful. Made more difficult by the fact I don’t understand US insurance .


Full video here:

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