Avalon Landing RV Park, Milton, Florida

WOW. Just WOW. What a change of scenery. The last three campsite have been ok, but this one was a breath of fresh air. It seems the sun finally returned, the sand finally left and we both felt very happy at this park.

We arrive on the 2nd Feb 2020, the check in lady was very resourceful and friendly. We were advised we would not be able to put up our fence however, which was a sore point as you all are aware with Roxys age, it is far easier for us to have a fenced area for her to potter about in, than get tangled up in a long line!

Anyway, we were put in the East site of the park. When the tax was included it actually worked out a little more expensive than I had originally planned for. It was $50 per night, but I can say I think its worth every penny. We had a nice level pull through which is gravel with a patio,


We are a stones throw away from some stunning views

It’s a small park again, but a fair size to walk the dogs around, there is also a red road opposite that forms a loop if you want to walk for longer, also made a good spot for our couch to 5 k running. I asked if the dogs could swim in the river but the groundsman did say they still get alligators here.

All the RV’s were in good shape, people were friendly, there wasn’t junk outside peoples campers, some long term, some short.

Laundry, toilet and shower facilities on both side of the campground.

Amazing location. 13 minutes to nearest anytime fitness. 12 minutes to a Food ‘Outlet’ which I was skeptical about but is by far THE CHEAPEST grocery store I have ever been to. Then my day was made even better when looking for some more gym clothes I popped over to Beales outlets which was like a super cheap TJ Maxx!!

Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle, that is about 20 minutes away. and you are 15-30 minutes from all the glorious beaches.

Internet wasn’t the best we got around 15mb Down and 2mb up on the pepwave. But usable. The campsite internet was pretty useless.

Video of tail end Tallahasse and Pensacola

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