First City Fitness, Savannah, GA Review

So alongside reviewing campgrounds it is also my intention to try and visit one silks or pole studio a week during our tour. Most of the weekdays Laurence is busy working – boo! So it’s up to me to find content but also to keep healthy and strong!

So I was quite excited to see our very first stop had an aerial studio , First City Fitness within 20 minutes, not only that, I could book directly through Google! A great little booking system.

So I knew Laurence would be busy slogging away during the days so I went ahead and signed up for a morning Handstand workshop! Something I have been desperate to try at  Luna Aerial Dance & Performing Arts However it’s usually on a day I cannot attend.

Anyway I arrived a few minutes early and caught the end of a silks class. I had to hold myself back!

Anyway the instructor/owner, Sabrina Madsen, was lovely. I explained I had never done a handstand class before so she took me through the basics. But man do I still feel sore and tired after that lesson. She has done pole for 10 years and silks for 4 and really knows her stuff. I absolutely recommend dropping into the studio if you are in the area! I wish I had more time here to take more classes. But onwards to the next place!

First City Fitness 2127 1/2 E Victory Dr, Savannah, GA 31404

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