Enfield / Rocky Mount KOA Campground Review

So this is a little unfair review as we only stopped in this place for one night and we arrived late and left pretty early, so no idea really what the campsite looked like overall.

However when we arrived the office was closed which sent me into a panic. However, last minute I noticed our names on a piece of paper pinned to an outside board, which had our reservation on. Our site happened to be exactly opposite the welcome office and all the amenities which was great as we had only reserved a water/electric site. So we didn’t have any sewer hook up.


Anyway the best part was there was no one else there! We had the place to ourselves overnight, which made walking the dogs easy and running out to use the restrooms good also. Which I will say were very tidy and clean. The place was all very flat and level and although a little pricey ($41 for electric and water) it was a good first stopping point!

Our pepwave router with ATT internet was getting 80mb down 22mb up

Our video of North Carolina

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