Cost of setting up chickens

So this is a question I am getting asked a lot lately. Seeing as it’s spring and chickens are on peoples minds! So I thought I would provide a breakdown of all the necessary equipment you will need, and some optional costs.

Chicks $3-$10 Depending on Breed
Started Pullets $10-$20 Depending on Breed and Age
Coop $100-$1000 Depending on what size
Electric Netting $400-$600 Depending on what size
Food & Water bowls $50-$100
Oyster Shell $6
Grit $6
Feed $10-$20 Organic feed can be $30+
Pine Shavings/Straw $5-$10
Totals $289 – $1,782

Now obviously there is a huge range. Someone might only be getting 6 laying hens and a small coop (Still set you back about $600) and free range, or have a large run. Therefore netting not needed. A $100 coop isn’t going to get you very far. From looking at Ebay and Amazon you will only be able to fit 2 hens in a $100 coop. However if you are handy. $100 will get you some wood towards making your own larger coop!

An estimated monthly costs for 6 hens is around $36 per month.

Here are some products that we use or used and like, having tried and tested many!

Waterers –
Chicken Waterer – Horizontal Nipple Setup (3.5 gallon)
Harris Farms Easy Fill Poultry Drinker
5 Gallon Heated Flat Back Bucket

This is the waterer we use:
50 Gallon Water with Cups

Feeders – 
Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder

This is the feeder we built and use –
No Waste Chicken Feeder

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