Kitchen Garden Re-design

Well I am ashamed to say that this year the Kitchen garden got the better of me. Between the visitors and the huge income of boarding dogs I just didn’t get a chance to keep on top of the weeds and before I knew it the garden weeds were 6 ft jungle terrain. As me Laurence looked around we knew going forward we would need something way more manageable. We discussed short 4ft x  8ft beds. However our tiller is a beast & lifting it onto each bed would be painful. So we decided just to run straight 4ft beds by 100ft so we could tiller quickly and easily. We made the beds 4ft specifically so we could also run out the garden weed fabric straight over the top, layering the soaker hoses just underneath and punching a hole where we wanted the vegetable to be. A few people had warned us against this as to make the holes was difficult but we decided it was worth the try.

Also Laurence had come up with a fancy idea of using studs/poppers to hold the fabric in place so that if it lasted we could re-use the fabric. Or even if it didn’t hold up, it would still give me easy access to get under the fabric without ripping unnecessary holes in it.

So for those of you who remember, this was the garden last year:



And here is the jungle it turned into!


So work is underway. With the new design!

We have one bed done and we are getting as many plants in whilst we still can! so fingers crossed we will still get some produce this year!!



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