The Lazy Farmer – The losses

So this round of chicks has been much harder and I guess it’s because they have come in ‘drips and drabs’ rather than all at once, which has led to changing of the heat lamp and changes in temperature for the younger ones. Which in turn has led to some complications.

However our first loss was the chick Twins, who, from the word go, were struggling, I have not followed my own advice and been helping a few chicks out of their shell, this was one of them. They never really learnt to stand up and were trampled by the other 4 chicks very early on. They passed away, one after the other, two days later. The next loss came as a huge shock to us, the older pullets (5 weeks old) who had been outside for over a week, suddenly all dropped dead apart from two. When I spoke with the vet she think it was again, temperature changes, very hot that day and then rain that night (not very cold though) and to treat the remaining two with nutridench and antibiotics. We have been, however one more passed away the next night and we now are left with one survivor – Meechie Jr. I feel awful that perhaps we did not provide enough protection from the elements? We are amending the chicken tractor and will try again with the next batch, maybe keep them in until fully feathered? not sure, I will have to see as we go along.

Then, sadly, we lost a chick to pasty butt this morning, Forrest, a chick who had already had complications with walking ‘spray leg’ as a chick, somehow became stuck, away from the heat lamp. When I came down in the morning it was too late, I gave her Nutridench immediately and washed her vent, but she took her final gasps and died in my hands. I shed a tear, this is so hard loosing what feels like so many chicks in a matter of days. But at very least the hatching has stopped for now, I just have to concentrate on these remaining 10 chicks and hope for the best. It’s been a difficult week, but I hope that when the next batch come (22nd Sept) as they are coming all at once, it may be a little easier to monitor.

I will keep you all updated, but for now – RIP Uno, Duo, Meechie, Quattro, Sies, Forrest & the twins.

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