The Kitchen Garden Pt 2

Part 2 – Adding the soil

So this part was tough. We estimated that we would need 42cf of soil. Which, as we came to find out, for anything half decent is expensive!! So we settled on sifted top soil which I think was roughly $25 per cy. We had it delivered from Virginia ground covers who were very nice people. But at this stage, due to costs we could only afford to get half of what we needed. We will see how it goes this year and then maybe towards the end of the year we will invest in the rest.

March 14th 2016 – Soil delievered

IMG_3636  IMG_3648 IMG_3660

Then we started marking out the rows


And adding paths (March 29th 2016)

IMG_3670 IMG_3671


Then unfortunately we had to be side tracked as our chicks were growing faster than we had expected, so we had to start on their bigger coop. (April 26th 2016) But I wont go into that, maybe on a different blog.

IMG_3962  IMG_5067  IMG_5617

But we eventually got back to filling the raised beds. I have planted out onions, cabbage, & broccoli and I needed this back one filled for the corn. As you can see from the below photo the soil was not as good as we hoped. We have horse manure, cow manure and our own compost bins on the go, So I am hoping to deep mulch at the end of the year and have better soil next year. Having said that, there are lots of worms so that a good sign!

Then I set out getting the fences painted and deer netting up. (May 7th 2016)

Hopefully this will stop the chickens and all the other wildlife, but we shall see!!

We’ve had 2 weeks of solid rain here in Northern Virginia, so all work has come to a holt again. I have some seedlings in the house begging to go out, but until that garden in fenced in I am not risking it. Having had many a garden destroyed by deer and rabbits, it’s not something I am taking lightly this time round!

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