The Kitchen Garden

It all starts with a design…

Many months back now, I was planning out my kitchen garden and this was my first sketch.


After doing some marking out we quickly realised that the space around the raised beds would have been wasted. So then the design changed to this:


And to our amusement it also looked a little like the british flag – appropriate! Due to the size of the field, we marked out the rectangular greenhouse and it measured 24″ across. We also had a few set backs that the field wasn’t exactly rectangle, it was wider one end than the other. So to make measurements more accurate we had to squish everything down a bit to make it more square.

Anyway. We opted to use pressure treated boards. Believe me I would have loved to use cedar but at over 40 x 16ft x 8ft boards needed, we would have been broke. The total costs of the boards ended up around $700 I believe. But I can come back and edit with exact costs.

We than came across a slight issue that the beds ended up being so huge we worried about compaction of the soil. However after chatting to my old boss, who runs a very large walled garden in South England, we decided to keep the sizes big and just stamp through paths between the rows of vegetables. This was also difficult to decide on because we didn’t want to spend more money on wood. In hindsight, after learning the cost of the soil, it may have been better to just reduce the beds. !!

So anyway, onwards and upwards. We made a start: (27th/28th Feb 2016)

IMG_3166.JPG  IMG_3167

Important things like checking the wheelbarrow can fit through…

IMG_3171.JPG  IMG_3201.JPG

IMG_3202.JPG IMG_3205.JPG

Then it snowed and that kind of halting things for a little while…


5th/6th March 2016

IMG_3319.JPG  IMG_3320.JPG

IMG_3347.JPG  IMG_3354.JPG

IMG_3449.JPG             IMG_3450.JPG

Learnt a new lesson – Don’t buy cheap tools! Not only did this saw always pull to the right…


It eventually caught on fire…

…Bring out the big guns (another $400) However this wont just be for this project, we also have the greenhouse to build and a new bigger coop. So I wont add this cost to the final amounts!

IMG_3456.JPG  IMG_3459.JPG

I am trying here to show the angle of the ground. (look at the fences behind) there was quite a gradient which made these beds a bit more tricky, hence also the saw was very much needed for some very strange angles.


COMPLETE!! (almost) Just need to put in the stakes and wait for the top soil to arrive on Monday!



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