3 Day Juice Detox

products_intro_imgHello, My name is Natalie, I am new to the blogging world but I have been writing various articles for many years. I have decided now to start a blog as we’ve had a big change in our lives and are starting our very own homestead. I feel people who are just starting out may also find our mistakes and wins an interest to compare. However a while back my life was very different, we had just moved to the US, we lived in a more town area, I couldn’t work so I joined a local gym to meet people but mainly because I had started to gain a lot of weight after I had quit smoking. I wrote this article a little over a year ago, but it is a good reminder to myself of why ‘fasting’ just doesn’t really work.

30th May 2014 –  If you are anything like me, you have come to a point in your dieting and healthy eating where the weight has become stubborn to lose. As much as I am kicking ass at the gym, I am seeing no benefits from my hard work. I have spoke to several trainer who all go back to my diet. Which to be fair in the last few months hasn’t been all bad! I have had the odd few ‘cheat’ days due to visitors coming over, but most weeks I am trying to have 3 meals per day and make all 3 nutritional. So after watching a documentary me and my husband decided to do a 3 day Juice detox, just to see if this got rid of the bad toxins and then we can start a fresh.

I am currently on day 2, I can successfully say that day 1 was hell. Not because I was hungry but because of the banging headache I endured most of the afternoon and evening, to which I can only assume was from missing my morning coffee. The juices were all fine, tasted good, I wasn’t particularly hungry at all, but then I think my head hurt to much to be hungry, in the end I caved and took a paracetamol.

So onto day 2. I didn’t have my coffee again, instead opted for a watermelon and apple juice, which had enough natural sugars to keep me fairly alert at my morning gym session. However I must admit I didn’t last as long as usual. I came home and kept myself busy most of the day, again I haven’t felt very hungry, and then surprise surprise around 3pm, the headache is back. I have drunk plenty of water, so again I am not sure where this has come from. Off to take a paracetamol and hope I feel better for this juicing malarky by tomorrow!

So day 3 of this now nasty tasting juice fast. Had some vile juices today , broccoli, kale and cabbage is not a nice combo!! Anyway my insides have decided I am dead and voiding themselves. I can’t be too far away from a toilet today. Although for once it is 3pm and no headache! I am off for a run in a bit & looking forward to a banana afterwards. I have decided that whilst juicing, it is also ok for me to eat as much fruit and veg as I want during the juices. I can’t see what harm it can do. Besides I think my insides are crying out for something solid at this point. So well done everyone who has made it to day 3 but I can safely say I don’t feel ‘regenerated’ or ‘extremely healthy’ I feel sick and nausea and I can’t wait for my morning coffee tomorrow!!

Day 4. Well I cracked last night, had an omelette, and a chocolate biscuit. Which in fairness isn’t that bad, its not like I went out and ordered a Chinese! But still, I’ve never felt so bad. Although this morning I did go out and buy some brown sugar so that my coffee wasn’t completely unhealthy. In fact this detox has definitely made me more aware of what I eat. So at least something good came out of this!

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